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Letter of Paul to the Americans

Creation and a Culture of Life for a Twenty-first Century America

Paul’s message to American Christians and America:

No one conceived is a mistake. You are divinely wanted by God. At the time of your conception you were endowed with a unique spirit or soul that no one else could ever possess. This unique spirit is a part of the image and likeness of God. You share in the life of God.

Typical of the apostle Paul’s spiritual insights delivered to early Christian communities, Nicholas F. Mazza develops a chilling message, in the spirit of Paul, to American Christians, their ministers and the larger American community.
This Letter of Paul powerfully explores the mind of God in choosing to create humanity from his pure divine love and, then, crafting a divine journey toward eternal happiness for all.

Paul strongly admonishes his fellow Christians for their compliancy in not more strongly advocating against the growing abortion-on-demand culture in American society. Paul’s admonition is particularly relevant in light of his profound teaching on creation and God’s love.

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